7 Important Points on Communication

to remember when setting up a whistleblower portal for your organisation. Done right, communicating your whistleblower channel can clearly illustrate your core values and clarify the scheme’s purpose.

  1. Explain that the company has a whistleblower portal and what the purpose of the whistleblower portal is – for example, to ensure openness and transparency about any potentially critiquable conditions at your workplace.

  2. Describe where to find the link to the whistleblower portal and ensure it is easily accessible.

  3. Provide concrete examples of cases suitable for reporting through the portal - and possibly some that are not.
    See, for instance, your whistleblower policy or Whistleblower.dk

  4. Highlight that all information is confidential and that a whistleblower can remain anonymous throughout the entire process.

  5. Be clear about who will receive and manage incoming whistleblower reports.

  6. Provide information about the national whistleblower legislation, data security, and how whistleblower information is protected.

  7. Explain what happens when a whistleblower report is submitted, how the investigation proceeds, and what happens after the investigation is completed.

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