The Leading Whistleblower Platform for HR- and Compliance teams

Set up your company's custom whistleblower page in minutes and comply with the European Whistleblower Directive. Give employees an anonymous reporting channel and manage reports from start to finish.

End-to-end encryption

AI voice scrambling

Simple customisation with logo and colours

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Trusted by European businesses that lead with integrity

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Protect those who speak up and those who are accused

Don't let silence damage your organisation. Set up a trusted whistleblower channel, turn concerns into solutions and demonstrate your commitment to a culture of safety, transparency and feedback

Sheltr Whistleblower dashboard

Anonymous reporting channel whistleblowers and case managers can trust

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Customisable reporting page

Make the reporting portal your own. Set your own colours, fonts and logo, branded domain, and make sure you get all relevant information with custom reporting fields.

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End-to-end encryption

For organisations with strict security measures, we provide true end-to-end encryption.

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Implementation playbook

Guides to effectively communicate and promote the whistleblower channel within your organisation for a successful rollout

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Thoughtful security

Whistleblowers can rest assured their identity remains fully protected and anonymous with file meta-data cleaning, iframe detection and no third-party tracking.

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Whistleblower and privacy policies included

Fully compliant with Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish legislation

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On-device AI voice scrambling

AI scrambling makes reverse-engineering practically impossible and on-device processing ensures that data never reach our servers un-encrypted or un-scrambled.

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Anonymous messaging

Ask and answer follow-up questions from the case manager, share additional evidence and collaborate towards resolution .

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Automated data retention policies

Adhere to lawful data storage and disposal practices, ensuring regulatory compliance

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Accessibility and inclusivity

We go the extra mile ot ensure a secure and fair experience to whistleblower. We aim for WCAG-AA compliance, and provide an option to voice report using an on-device AI-voice scrambler.

Get started with secure and compliant Whistleblowing in 10 minutes... or less!

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