Data Discovery

Know your data and turn risk into compliance

Make it easy for your organisation to get rid of unused personal data in old emails and documents. Reduce risks of data leaks and comply with the GDPR principle of data minimisation.

Integrate with the most used cloud solutions

Custom Data Policies

Out-of-the-box workflow for employees

Don't just talk about data compliance and policies

Easily and automatically detect and clean up personal identifiable data in your organisation

Data Discovery Dashboard

Regain control of your organisation's data - the right way

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Detect and clean up personal identifiable data

Automated scans detect personal identifiable data in your organisation's drives and exchange servers.

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Automated workflows that do not interfere with daily business

Once data is identified we notify your employees so they can delete the appropriate files or request postponement.

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Customisable data policies

Not all organizations have the same data requirements or sensitivity. Customize your policies to suit your organizations compliance level

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Track and document compliance progression

Monitor your progression with real-time insights and make sure resources are allocated correctly.

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Big picture dashboard

Get the grand overview across employees, departments and data types, and unlock insights into your organizations data habits.

Elevate your organisation's data compliance

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